Creating Original Shirts For The Summer

A few things that you might want to take into consideration.


In the Spring a young person’s thoughts may turn to love, but in the Summer, they turn to staying cool and comfortable. A tee shirt is a perfect garment to toss on when the sun starts blazing. It is also the perfect souvenir for a corporate picnic or as a prize at an event for a non-profit organization.

You may have thought of a great idea for a tee-shirt but wondered how much it would cost to make the shirts and what you would do with any overstock. Fortunately, there are internet companies that will let you create your own shirts and order them as you need them. You can choose to sell them to the general public or only offer them to a specific group of people.

There are a few things that you might want to take into consideration when creating your original shirt.

Choosing a Design or Phrase

The possibilities for designing your shirt are endless. You can put a salty remark on the front or back, or you can use a quote from a favorite author. You can use your own words to inspire others or simply to make people laugh.

Movie Shirts

Some of the most popular T-shirts ever have referenced movies. They have used famous quotes such as, “I’d like to introduce you to my little friend.” from “Scarface.” or “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” from the movie “Jaws.” You can find more examples by searching the internet.

Most lines from movies are not copyrighted because in order to copyright something one needs to prove that it is an original work. It is very hard to prove the line from a movie has never been used before. However, a phrase from a movie can be trademarked. The phrase “Hakuna Matata” from “The Lion King” is actually trademarked.

Rather than using a movie quote, you may want to just subtly reference the movie. people will often wear a shirt similar to one that was worn by a character in a movie, such as a shirt which said don't hassle me I'm a local worn by Bill Murray in the movie “What About Bob?” or the “Vote for Pedro” shirts in the film, “Napoleon Dynamite.”

If you want to make a shirt referencing a film, be sure to watch the movie very carefully. Refer to something only a true fan would know.

Team Shirts

If you want to make a company shirt, you can always just use the business’s logo. However, if you are looking to create a shirt for people in a particular department or on a particular team within that department. You can make a shirt that would be given as an award to the top salesperson or one that will be handed out for passing a particular milestone such as one year of employment or completion of a training program.


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Clubs and Meet-Up Groups

Are you a member of a summer reading group or a community baseball team? If you are, you probably want everyone to keep coming back. A team t-shirt can give people a real sense of belonging. You can have each team member buy their own shirt and donate the proceeds to the administrative cost of the club.


T-shirts are an inexpensive and fun way to express your team spirit or your individuality. Technology has made it easy for anyone to create their own original shirt.

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