Couture 2023: Schiaparelli’s Hotter Than Hell

We’re roaring for it.


Couture Week has rolled around once again, and 2023 brings a shimmering spectacle from Schiaparelli. With a theme of Dante's Inferno, the show didn't disappoint. Even after it had started, pop-sensation Doja Cat arrived covered in 30,000 Swarovski crystals in a devilish red hue. This just shows how hot this is about to get.



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On the Paris runways, models walked with their faces dipped in gold, and the color pops up all the way throughout this collection. The color blocking in this collection helps all the pieces to stand out. The clear sections of each piece lends an air of coordination and casual confidence to the whole collection. On top of this, the silhouettes have clearly been paid attention to. Whether it's a floor-length gown or a suit, the silhouettes are emphasized, which blurs the lines of gender within this collection. This further shows how much attention has been paid to detail within this collection.

For example, Looks Nineteen and Twenty of the collection feature tailored suits. One has pinstripe detailing and a necktie, while the other is suede with a bowtie. Both feature cinched silhouettes and heeled shoes. Look Twenty-Nine boasts shoulder pads further to feature the cinched-in waist of the leather dress. The contrast of the masculine and feminine of this couture collection gives a progressive edge to Schiaparelli while remaining fashionable.

The uproar has already begun over Looks Ten, Fifteen, and Thirty (pun intended). One of which is boasted by none other than Naomi Campbell, the use of faux fur and the head of animals made out of foam used within these looks is a highly eye-catching and intentionally provocative detail. Of course, no self-respecting designer in 2023 will use an animal's decapitated head, but using a fake one creates a shock factor within the collection. Furthermore, the fact that these are seamlessly incorporated into the outfits they find themselves in is a testament to this collection's eye for detail and the confidence boosted by it.



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Many dresses within this collection present the timeless elegance of Schiaparelli. In particular, Looks Six, Nine, and Twelve feature this. The heeled mule, the color-blocked neutrals, and flowy material, in combination with a traditionally feminine silhouette, bring casual glamour to the runway. This is somewhat expected from Schiaparelli, but every time it's better than you could imagine.

This collection kick-started couture week, and it set the bar high. The timeless elegance combined with the gender-bending couture and the outright shock factor of predators being worn as broaches continues to show us that we never know what Schiaparelli will do next. Whatever it is, it'll be stunning.

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