Could “KVDs” ‘Good Apple Concealer’ Go Viral?

Current TikTok Predictions.


This month “KVD” have added to their iconic Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation line with their new Good Apple lightweight, full-coverage concealer. Designed for all skin types, crease-resistant and a nourishing formula with added antioxidant-rich apple extract, “KVD’s” new concealer might just go viral. 

 KVD’s new concealer has already hit Tiktok as viral star ‘Mikaylanogueria’ confirms ‘this is my prediction’: the new Good Apple concealer is going to go viral.  She tried out the new concealer and highlights the full-coverage ultra-hydrating formula which blends naturally removing dark circles and blemishes whilst leaving a natural, vibrant skin tone. 

The new Good Apple concealer comes in over 30 shades and, with new InterLace Pigments, blends perfectly with all skin types to maintain a natural, smooth appearance. The InterLace Pigments also keep the concealer lightweight, so you forget you’ve even got it on, whilst ensuring dark circles and blemishes are completely covered!


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KDV’s new Good Apple Concealer is contained within a 70% recycled sleek, gradient tube with easy application. The box and tube are also completely recyclable making this one of the top environmentally-friendly and economical trending make up products! The shape of the applicator is designed to keep under eyes in mind, mimicking the shape and touch of fingertips to create a soft, smooth application around the eyes.  If that’s not enough, it’s also completely vegan and cruelty-free! 

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