Commuter Barbie Is Here And She's Breaking The Internet

She has absolutely no time for manspreaders.


First there was Barbie Nurse, then Barbie Fashionista and even a Barbie inspired by Gigi Hadid. Now, there’s Commuter Barbie. 

Of course, Commuter Barbie isn’t an actual doll just yet, but in this parody created by roommates Carina Hsieh and Claudia Arisso, this faux Barbie keeps it so real, and she’s been *way* too relatable to metro-riding millennials in New York City. So much so that the video is totally blowing up social media, not just with New Yorkers but also with commuters everywhere. 

In the parody, two girls play with Commuter Barbie as a theme song rings in the background. The video illustrates how Barbie hops through the subway station complete with a metro card, a Strand tote bag with a copy of Zadie Smith’s Swing Time inside, a Canada Goose jacket and huge, expensive headphones to “tune out the creeps” when she gets stuck with the middle seat. 

"But, if she can't hear the catcallers, how will she know to smile," one of the girls asks, before Barbie flashes her pearly whites.

But there are more than just those gems in the 3-minute video. Commuter Barbie carries Trader Joe’s grocery bags, a yoga mat and her very own Starbucks cup. Of course, her name is spelled “Babrie” on the cup, a nod to the fact that no barista ever hears you say your name correctly. 

Hsieh and Arisso debuted the video on social media yesterday, and people basically gave it a standing ovation. Because aren't we all just a little bit Commuter Barbie?