How To Pull Off The Clear Nail Trend

Transparent nails are the manicure of the future.


Nail polish has been dying a slow death. For years, people have been claiming the end is nigh for the bright nail trend, and over the past few seasons, designers have preferred a natural hue on models’ digits as opposed to pops of color. Now, natural nails are getting a brand new twist. 

The latest trend in the beauty department is clear nails. We call it the no-manicure manicure, which means just like no-makeup makeup, it does in fact require nail polish. This trend calls for a clear nail polish to give your nails that healthy, shiny, clean finish without actually looking like you’re wearing anything.  

While your slate is clean, it doesn’t mean your nails need to stay bare. If you’re a fan of nail art, this trend is perfect for you. From geometric shapes and metallic shine to simple appliqués and small designs, clear nails give you the perfect canvas to create original works of art. We’ve featured some of our favorite nails to give you the inspiration you need to go sheer. 

Image Source: Instagram