“City Bloom” by Fenty: A New Wintery Flower Has Bloomed

A new flower in the garden of fashion industry.


After months of silence Rihanna comes out of the shadow with a brand-new clothing collection “City Bloom”. Just two years ago she was hitting the shelves with a line of lingerie, Savage x Fenty, and a make-up collection – which features a foundation palette suitable for any skin tone– that were sold like hot cakes, literally.

Whether it’s about make-up or clothes, the message is clear: these are products that everyone can use, as the singer herself explained: ”Fenty was created for everyone: for women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures and races. I wanted everyone to feel included”.


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And now here she gets back in the loop with “City bloom”. But what’s so special about this collection in particular? Well, first of all, we def liked the idea behind it: she takes the concept of women complexity, fragile yet fierce, and transforms it into a collection where bold leatherworks meet feminine and alluring mini-dresses.Some amazing couture pieces we loved were for example the cozy n’ sexy combo of lingerie-inspired dresses worn with oversize outerwear, so that you can still slaying it even when it gets chillier – not so bad, huh? Because people, these looks are not just to be worn, but to be flaunted.

Now take all these fabulous outfits, set them in an urban scenery, caught by the eye of the visionary photographer Katsu Naito and there you have the recipe for the perfect fashion campaign. You can check out the whole collection at fenty.com .

(images via Fenty)

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