Chloé Is The First Major European Luxury Brand To Achieve Highest Badge For Sustainability

Chloé is setting the standard for sustainability in the luxury fashion industry.


Chloé is officially the first major European luxury brand to achieve B Corp certification. If you are unfamiliar with B Corp, it is one of the most demanding certifications a brand can receive. It evaluates a brand's social and environmental impact, with over 300 questions about governance, workers, communities, and impact on the environment.


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The Paris-based brand announced its plan to become certified last year. After 18 months, Chloé has achieved certification. The brand explains, "By becoming B Corp certified, we reinforce our ongoing commitment to taking accountability for our impact on people and the planet. Rather than a final goal, this certification marks a new stage in our transformation towards a purpose-driven model, reinventing how we do business. B Corp will help us frame our transformation, and we hope to inspire other organizations in our industry to join the movement." 

Chloé's four sustainability promises are:

  • Advance gender equality and inclusion throughout the workplace while supporting and inspiring individuals. 
  • Increase lower impact materials and fair-trade sourcing across all categories by 2025.
  • Increase economic opportunities and reduce inequalities for girls and women.
  • Take actions that reduce their environmental impact as much as possible.

Chloé's progress towards fulfilling those four pillars is inciting; Here are some of the steps they took to achieve B Corp certification: 

As of January 2021, the brand has upheld the Women Empowerment Principles of the United Nations. Women currently make up 80% of their team at their headquarters in Paris and 83% of Chloé worldwide. 70% of their top management positions worldwide are held by women.

In 2019, Chloé initiated GIRLS FORWARD, a three-year partnership with UNICEF to provide girls with skills to advance in the workplace through education, entrepreneurship, and training programs in five countries: Bolivia, Jordan, Morocco, Senegal, and Tajikistan. To date, the program has reached 10,000 girls and raised more than €1.3 million. 

Chloé has partnered with the World Fair Trade Organization, a global community of social enterprises that practice fair trade and put the planet first. By the end of 2021, the brand hopes to train 100% of its product teams on sustainable materials and circularity. In partnership with UNICEF, Chloé launched its first fair-trade luxury collections in March 2021, both ethically produced and environmentally responsible.

The luxury brand is fully committed to transparency; they banned fur, angora in 2018, and exotic animal skins or hair in 2019. By 2025, they promise all wool material used in Chloé collections will be recycled or certified by the Responsible Wool Standard. The brand also uses paper approved by the Forest Stewardship Council and aims for 100% recycled paper by 2022. 

Believe it or not, there are even more initiatives that Chloé has taken to earn its badge of sustainability. You can dive into all the above information, read their Environmental Impact Report, and shop on their website

Chloé is setting the gold standard for sustainability, transparency, and female empowerment in the Luxury fashion industry; now, we wait for other brands to follow suit. 

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