Charli XCX And Her New Band Nasty Cherry Are Set To Release A Documentary With Netflix

Get ready to rock on.


Charli XCX has revealed she’s partnered with Netflix in creating a documentary following the story of her new band, Nasty Cherry. After releasing singles “Win” and “Music with your Dad”, we get to witness the behind the scenes and the formation of this badass and unapologetic new girl group. The show, “I’m with the band: Nasty Cherry” follows a group of young women, Charli, Chloe, Debbie, Gabi and Georgia. The documentary follows a girl band who are new to the scene and how they navigate the music industry; showing the obstacles apparent as a consequence of the current climate in the industry, whilst being incredibly fun, original and authentic.

It’s girl band but make it fashion, make it pops of color, make it glam. They are really changing perceptions on girl bands for good and we’re so excited about it. The documentary with be released on Netflix on November 15th so make sure you tune in.

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