Chanel Spring 2020 Runway Show Gatecrashed By Intruder

Gigi Hadid wasn’t standing for it.


Supermodels of the Chanel Spring 2020 catwalk were joined on stage by an unexpected guest during the show at Paris Fashion Week.

During the finale of the runway show, an intruder was spotted running onto the stage and joining the line-up which was moving at pace in front of the crowd. The gatecrasher has been identified as French YouTube comedian, Marie Benoliel, also know on social media as Marie S’Infiltre. The prankster has a clear history of invading the catwalk and was seen making her debut at PFW earlier during the week, after intruding the stage at the Etam show. 

After just a few seconds of parading down the Chanel runway, the influencer makes a sharp turn and is swiftly blocked by supermodel Gigi Hadid. Amongst the confusion and chaos, Hadid looks unimpressed (a total mood) deciding to confront and escort the prankster of the stage, after security had trouble finding the well-hidden imposter. 

The situation blew up on social media with videos going viral within a day of the incident. Gigi Hadid now has her name trending on social media due to her handling of the social media, being name superhero of the hour. Hadid has so far made no comment on the situation.

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