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Chanel's New Dad Sneakers Are Gonna Be Big – Literally

Chanel's New Dad Sneakers Are Gonna Be Big – Literally

Pure feet swag.


Chanel is the latest high-fashion label to get in on the dad sneaker game having just dropped a pair of chunky sneakers on its website. We first saw the Chanel chunker (don't mind us while we try to coin a phrase) back in its Spring/Summer 2018 pre-collection show, coming in high and low-top versions and edged with either red, orange, pink or blue.

The pair will set you back around a thousand dollars, but to be honest, for the amount of designer feet swag they give you, we think they're definitely worth the money – as long as you don't go tripping in any puddles. That's a price not too far off the Balenciaga Triple-S, but if you were to pit the two daddies against each other in a beauty contest, Chanel would undoubtedly come out with the winning ribbon – because, Chanel.

Check them out in the gallery above and find more details at chanel.com.


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