Carhartt WIP Drops Neo-Noir Inspired Film For Winter Campaign

What does Neo-Noir, NightCrawler, and Edward Hopper all have in common?


Soft, vibrant hues contradict London’s bleak, urban landscape in Carhartt WIP’s new winter campaign. The short film included vignettes of various models wearing the brand’s new winter collection.

Accompanied by grim 808s, the campaign includes bleak still, wide shots of models in neon orange, yellow, and green hues. Each model wearing warm, durable layers of hooded sweatshirts and jackets belonging to Carhartt WIP. Carhartt WIP or Carhartt Work In Progress is the newer, Detroit-based division of Carhartt dedicated to adapting and modifying the brand’s original design mission. 

Joaquim Bayle and Sylvain Sey teamed up for the second time for the 30-second campaign following their summer 2021 collab.The two met each other working at Carhartt WIP’s store in Lille.

Bayle and Sey were inspired by neo-noir, chillers such as ‘NightCrawler’ and American realist painter, Edward Copper. The creators wanted to reference the cold, urban landscapes of cities like that of New York, Baltimore, and London. The influence created a dark, moody short film centered around the beauty of isolation during a London winter. 

Nearing the end of winter, the film serves as a reminder to bundle up and maybe try to appreciate the often bleak, but beautiful landscapes the season brings about.

Check out the full film above.

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