Hip-Hop's Feminist Hero: Cardi B Criticizes The Prejudiced Treatment Of Female Rappers

Multi-platinum rapper takes to Twitter to speak about the unequal standards that female hip-hop artists are held to.


Grammy-winning artist Cardi B recently joined a Twitter conversation condemning the harsh expectations of female rappers in the male-dominated hip-hop industry. 

A Twitter user posted a video clip from Cardi’s elaborate live performance at the 2019 BET Awards alongside rapper Offset, to which another user responded, “Unrelated but; I hate how women rappers can perform and have whole ass choreography routines and still get criticized and picked apart while men rappers just walk around in one circle, jump up and down, giving the bare minimum with no criticism…”

Cardi B joined the conversation, retweeting the post with the caption, “Female rappers have to bust their ass on performances, great visuals, hours on make-up, hours on hair, pressure by the public to look perfect, make great music and yet are the most disrespected. It’s always they not good enough, what’s new? It’s boring.”

While women have made impressive breakthroughs in the hip-hop industry, the hypocritical double standards they continue being held to demonstrate lingering sexism. Cardi B has previously been an outspoken advocate of this issue, expressing in a 2019 Billboard interview, “[Female rappers are] always under pressure, and I feel like it’s not fair. I feel like there’s male artists who go two years without putting a fucking song out and they don’t go, ‘Oh, you’re irrelevant. It’s over for you.’ Me, I didn’t put out songs for nine months and it’s like, ‘Oh, she’s irrelevant. She’s over.’”

Regarded as controversial for her risqué lyrics and candid speech, many also recognize Cardi B as hip-hop's long-awaited feminist hero.


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