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Can A Sensual Massage Help You To Get Back In Touch with Your Partner?

Reignite the spark in your relationship.


Has that all-important spark fizzled out of your relationship? Has it happened without you even realising? Sure, in the beginning, every moment you were together was thrilling — every glance and touch was enough to make your heart pump and your knees go weak, but over time, it’s all become a little samey. You’ve tried the expensive date nights, the lavish homecooked meals and the extravagant lingerie, but it always ends up with the two of you slumped in front of the TV, binge-watching Netflix and slovenly shovelling copious amounts of leftover Chinese takeaway, or, much worse, arguing over bills or family, which ultimately ends with you ultimately flouncing off because your partner just won’t listen to your work problems with “Tracy from HR”.

Well, before you despair, we may have the solution to your rut — a sensual massage. A sensual massage is a massage made sexy. Performed with both parties completely naked and designed to target those delectable erogenous zones, it’s an intimacy-boosting ritual — one that’s erotic and totally tantalising. And, best of all, it’s a sizzling way to reconnect with your loved one.

So put the joggers away, throw out the old takeaways and get ready for some serious couples therapy. Here are four simple ways that sensual massage can help you to reignite the spark in your relationship.

The Perfect Primer for Sexy Sessions

“Not tonight darling, I have a headache” has become the universal code phrase for “Don’t touch me, I’m really not in the mood”, and most of us are guilty of wielding it on our partners after a long and stressful day. Who can blame us? Life is stressful and all that stress takes its toll on our bodies in the forms of headaches, creaks and cramps, and generally feeling worn down and burnt out. And let's be honest, it’s hard to feel sexy when our knees are cracking and our muscles are knotted.

Thankfully, the gentle strokes and lymphatic stimulation of a good old-fashioned massage can reduce stress, ease aches and pains, loosen muscles and aid relaxation. Whether you’re a bonafide professional or are tentatively exploring massage, the results are always the same — the immune system is boosted, cortisol — the stress hormone — decreases, and the body enters into a tranquil space of utter relaxation and rest. In essence, it’s the perfect primer for getting down and dirty; a deliciously indulgent way of resetting your body after a long day and opening up your mind and senses to the infinite possibilities of pleasure at your partner's fingertips.

A Romance Supercharger

Oh, romance, where have you gone? After a few years together, romance tends to do a bit of a disappearing act. With us stretched in a million different directions and constantly juggling daily commutes, financial woes, family issues and work deadlines, romance often falls to the very bottom of our priorities. But romance is integral to keeping the proverbial “fire” burning. We’re not talking 80’s romcom levels of romance (no boomboxes in the night, please) but those little gestures and moments that make your heart flutter.

Instead of going for tried-and-tested romancing, and spending ages slaving over a meal or a fortune on some sexy new clothes, try a sensual massage. Research shows that novelty in our relationships causes our brains to release feel-good serotonin — the same hormone that is released when you first fall in love. So, in essence, you can experience your relationship like the first time — sweaty palms and weak knees, and all. Just dim the lights, light some candles, get naked, lather up with a decadent massage oil and inject some romance back into your love life. As a bonus, it’s way cheaper than that lobster you were planning to cook!

An Exercise in Trust

It may seem like a somewhat tired saying overused by relationship gurus and well-meaning friends, but there really is no relationship without trust. But trust is a fragile thing — it takes time, dedication and effort to build, but one small act to break. And once broken, trust is hard to regain.

Fortunately, massage is proven to help build a trusting bond with your partner. A massage requires the receiver to let go of their inhibitions and trust the hands of their partner as they explore and stimulate their body, especially those intimate parts. They have to become open and receptive to their partner, while the giver has to become attentive and tuned in to what their partner wants and desires. It’s an intensely powerful exercise in surrendering to pleasure and your partner. Think of it as a steamed-up, stripped-down version of the trust game, but way more fun!

An All-Natural Intimacy Booster

Intimacy is at the heart of all good relationships. It’s that feeling of being emotionally bound to another person; the combination of being vulnerable to someone and yet feeling totally secure in your relationship. Yet, for many, intimacy is a tricky thing to foster. It involves carefully cultivating a connection created through shared experiences and private moments. We’re not talking about simply existing in the same room as your partner but actually embracing those shared moments together and taking pleasure in the little slices of time you have.

It’s all too easy to “lose touch” with the person you love. Life has a way of getting in the way. Ever-elusive “quality time” is often taken up by fraught discussion and mundane tasks. But massage offers a space free from distractions where you’re forced to focus on your partner and become attuned to their body. After all, if you’re hands are all oiled up, you won’t be able to grab your phone and scroll through social media while they talk about their day — and that’s a good thing.

Does this sound good, but you’re not sure where to start? It’s time to call in the professionals. There are hundreds of highly qualified massage therapists that specialise in couples’ massages and intimate body-to-body massages that can provide inspiration and guidance for your own experiments in the bedroom.


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