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You Can Now Wear Andy Warhol's Kissing Couples On Your Butt

I kiss in #MyCalvins.


After announcing their collaboration last year (which is said to last all the way until 2020), Calvin Klein and the Andy Warhol Foundation have showcased some of the artist's lesser known works in both runway collections and brand campaigns. Now the pair have debuted a new underwear capsule, emblazoning Calvin Klein classics with still images from Warhol's experimental 1963 film Kiss.

The provocative film, which includes biracial and homosexual couples kissing for a whole three and a half minutes (much longer than Hollywood's three-second rule), was a groundbreaking move at the time, and this romantic side of Warhol couldn't be more perfectly placed than on a pair of Calvins. The capsule comprises a bralette and a bikini on the women's side, as well as tank tops and tees – perfect timing for Valentine's.

Check out the pieces in the gallery below and watch the full film above. The capsule is available now here for $34.


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