Brooke Candy Opens Up To Noisey About Working As A Stripper, Drugs and Queerness In The Trump Era


To say Brooke Candy is an enigma may sound cliché, but it’s true. The fiercely outspoken, fresh-faced pop star is a whirlwind of raw, punk-like attitude meets old-time opulence. Prior to the release of her upcoming debut album “Daddy Issues,” the low-fi stripper turned rapper turned full-fledged pop star chatted with Noisey about drugs, sobriety and queerness in the era of Trump. 

Throughout the interview, Candy is open, raw, charismatic and fearless. Hailing from Agoura Hills, she shares all on how she left home at 17, immersed herself into the gay scene, began stripping and eventually, creating music, refusing to sanitize her sound or image for a radio who refused to play songs with the word “clit” in them. 

These days, Candy shares she’s taking it down a notch and remaining sober.  "I've just been re-acclimatizing to everyday life,” said Candy. “I've been taking my time. It's important that you feel whole, and you feel centered and grounded, and that you love yourself before you make any art. Maybe not for everybody, but for me, it's important that I'm 100% in who I am, and where I am." 

As the interview draws to a close, Candy opens up about her views on Trump and empowering women and the LGBTQ community. “I’m excited to see the revolution which is coming,” she shared. And we are certainly excited to see Candy’s next rebellious move. 

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