Bridal Season: Taylor Hill’s Western-Inspired Wedding

Taylor’s Big Fat American Wedding.


No matter how you feel about the "core" aesthetics that have been emerging in the fashion world, (mainly due to tiktok), it is undeniable that they are coming and going at a rapid pace as new styles are pushed into the trend cycle. One of which is Westerncore a.k.a the cowgirl aesthetic.

We've seen a lot of cowboy boots, denim skirts, and buckle belts making the rounds, but it's been a while since we've seen a western-inspired wedding, let alone one from a Supermodel. Victoria's Secret Angel Taylor Hill married private equity investor Daniel Fryer on June 10. The Bride slipped into a beautiful billowy wedding dress by Etro's Marco de Vincenzo, while the British Groom wore the classic British morning suit he wore as an Eton student, fashioned by New & Lingwood. "There's an old Eton tradition that says you're supposed to wear the same tailcoat on your wedding day," Taylor told Vogue. The model remarked that she wanted the gown to be both homely and romantic. And it did just that. She even opted to go barefoot for the wedding claiming it helps her feel grounded and more connected to the Earth. The event paid a lovely homage to Taylor’s Ranch upbringing and seemed to be the perfect Summer wedding even as it rained.   

With the event taking place at a Ranch in Colorado and having a western chic dress code, it was truly a magical, boho wedding. Despite it taking place on American soil, the country visuals, outfits and hairstyles resembled to me of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. 

On her Instagram, Hill shared multiple posts from her special day and notes that it was a “magical fairytale and dream wedding.”

Congratulations to the happy couple.


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