Cold Water Plunging Is Ironically Hot Right Now

Is freezing yourself the answer to your problems?


Several popular activities have been endorsed in order to help you enhance your general mood and deal with anxiety. From healing crystals, pilates, and journaling to now plunging into cold baths. Cold water therapy has long been used as an efficient way for athletes to recover quickly and cure muscle soreness caused by strenuous activity.

There have also been annual events, such as the "Polar Plunge," in which large crowds descend into freezing conditions to raise funds for organisations. 



Cold water plunges have lately gained popularity in 2023 due to the alleged mental health benefits, as well as the numerous gyms and spas that have welcomed the ritual. According to studies, some of the advantages are as follows:

• Improves your sleep, 

• Helps you burn fat

• Boosts your immune system and circulation

• Reduces anxiety and inflammation

The science behind it is that it improves your mental health by releasing endorphins and dopamine following cold water dips, creating a natural high. Cold plunge pools are a common feature of sauna culture in Scandinavia and China.

It has lately risen to prominence on social media, with celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Drake, Lizzo, and The Kardashians avidly participating. The popular influencer gym and wellness brand ‘alo’ also offers cold water plunges following gym and yoga sessions, which has piqued the interest of instagram and tiktok.




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Though, as everyone who has seen the Titanic knows, sitting around in frigid water can be deadly. It might be sensible to first learn to tolerate cold showers or baths in the privacy of your own home. When it comes to underwater plunges, there is also a proper technique. It doesn't take long in freezing water to see the benefits.

Beginners should begin with 10 to 30 second intervals, rapidly in and out. Regular plungers may continue in the icy water for two minutes to reap the full advantages, according to health care professionals. 

The question is, are you willing to endure a brief period of agony in exchange for a multitude of claimed benefits? 

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