BOYCRAZY: A Queer and Sex-Positive Graphic Brand

You’d be crazy to miss out this newcomer brand.


2023 is bringing a changing attitude towards sex and bodies. The queer community is progressing in penetrating the mainstream with our identities, bodies, and attitudes toward sexuality. With shows like BBC’s I Kissed A Boy launching, a queer answer to dating shows like Love Island, queer people are entering the mainstream, whether we are given permission or not.

This translates to fashion too. An example is BOYCRAZY, a small, online American fashion brand. The brand centers around using well-known fonts and motifs from other brands but changing them to make them tongue-in-cheek. For example, they use the font and logo of the world-famous fizzy drink Sprite but change it to make it ‘spit,’ across a tank top. You see what they did there. They also use slang words from within the community, the occasional reclaimed slur and, sometimes, motifs purely for the shock factor, such as ‘porn star training camp, XXL’ and ‘need head.’



These add an edge to their graphic tanks, tees, and hoodies. Finally, their brand name features many pieces, making a statement when worn by men, their target audience. Used with commonly seen phrases and combined with traditional motifs, it’s now apparently possible to enroll at places like the University of BOYCRAZY and make a true statement.

Furthermore, all the promotional imagery for the brand is taken to appear like content from a 90s porn movie. With the baggy, low-rise shorts, tartan boxers poking out, and adidas gazelles, it’s a 90s- and 00s-time capsule relived in 2023. The sex-positive, funny, and, sometimes, purely shocking attitude of this carefree brand is a marvel. Most of these pieces are inexpensive, easy to style, and wearable day-to-day, giving queer people a subtle yet bold way to express themselves.

We are obsessed! After all, what’s not to like about letting everyone around you know you’re BOYCRAZY?

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