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Boring Wardrobe: 6 Items to Add to Freshen It Up!

Feel fresh by adding new elements.


To keep your wardrobe fresh and rejuvenated, it’s an excellent practice to add essential pieces that have a long life. Picking basics that bring your outfits together from beginning to end without having to spend much time wondering about what to wear.

The essential point to remember for getting the most out of your wardrobe is picking pieces that suit your body type, particular trends might not necessarily work for your body type, and there’s no point in investing in it if it doesn’t accentuate your body and make you feel good.

With some creativity, it’s easy to make an outfit feel fresh by adding new elements to it. Here are six items to add to freshen up your dull wardrobe:


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1.Sharp White Tee

A sharp white tee is a versatile piece for your wardrobe. A white tee can be paired with many items in your closet and worn any day of the year. Your white tee grounds statement pieces like colored denim or printed shorts, and layers under sweaters. There are lots of different shapes and profiles for a white tee, depending on the bottoms you decide to pair it with, from more feminine to an everyday errand run.


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2. Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces can help pull a look together and make it look more polished, pendants, could and zodiac necklaces are the hot trend on Instagram. When layering chains make sure they're at least an inch apart to get the layered tiered effect or to make it easier, look for one-piece necklaces that already are layered.


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3. A Trendy Two-Piece

The two-piece set is a trend that continues to be popular, probably because it makes getting dressed simple and is stylish and comfortable to wear. Picking an outfit out in the morning has never been easier than putting on throwing on a two-piece and waling out the door. A bonus about the two-piece sets are there is such a wide variety of styles, you are bound to find your perfect match, not to mention, this is a trend that looks remarkable on curvy girls, and you can effortlessly find plus size two-piece set that accentuates your curves.

Another addition to the two-piece set is that it’s so resourceful since you can mix and match your tops and bottoms with other pieces in your wardrobe, it merely extends the outfits in your closet.


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4. Little Black Dress

The perfect little black dress in a very nifty ensemble to have in your wardrobe. A semi-modest neckline and length give your maximum adaptability from day to nighttime. To find your ideal dress, you need to know your body type to pick the best silhouette to fit you. With a change of shoes or accessories, you can go from a presentation at work, to cocktails with your girlfriends smoothly.


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5. A Good Skinny Jean

An excellent skinny jean is perfect for dressing up or down. Dark wash denim doesn’t go out of style. It’s also another transitional piece in your wardrobe that can be easily dressed up with shoes and jewelry for a night out or dressed down with flats or sneakers and a white tee.


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6. Perfect Shoes & Boots

Having the right shoes in your wardrobe helps with dressing up or down your outfits. You need to invest in these styles to complete your wardrobe:

Pumps – a simple pair of black pumps will never fail you. They're the perfect option of show to wear for 9-5, or a weekend date night.

Modest Flats – a modest flat is a must-have shoe, and can be worn in the office, or paired with jeans for getting groceries.

Ankle Boots – ankle boots are versatile for the different seasons and for upgrading your outfit for a night out. There are different heel heights from low and blocky to taller and more like a stiletto.  Ankle boots go with everything from your skinny jeans to your two-piece set.


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Comfortable Sneakers – take a look at Instagram, and you’ll see trendsetters wearing their white sneakers with a jumpsuit or jeans. Sneakers are not just for working out.  They have become the trendiest shoe wear. There is a variety of sneakers to choose from, such as velvet, rhinestone, silk and sometimes you can find sneakers with boys. There stylish, but the best part is sneakers are comfortable footwear.


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