Boohoo Copies Slogan Coined By Body Positive Blogger

Woke insta-grammers expose Boohoo for stealing from a smaller creator.


We often share the most-polished version of ourselves on social media platforms like Instagram. Today's beauty standards have young people obsessing over their appearance and Instagram model-ness. It's content creators like Mik Zazon that are challenging those beauty standards. 

For Mik Zazon, "normalize normal bodies" is more than just a slogan for an advertisement. Zazon first thought of the phrase after leaving an outpatient eating disorder recovery program. Those three words started a body positivity movement for thousands of people, just like Zazon, who struggle with body image. Zazon even trademarked the phrase in December 2020 to ensure that the movement stayed true to its roots.

When Zazon saw her inbox flooding with the same post, a Boohoo advertisement using her slogan without her permission, she was "heartbroken."
In an Instagram post addressing Boohoo, she wrote, "@boohoo, this is my community. Not yours. My trademark. Not yours. On top of my attorneys taking legal action, I hope all bigger brands see this and put the littlest amount of effort to research before taking something that isn't yours." 

Boohoo has since deleted the Instagram post and has stated that they are not taking the situation lightly. In an email to the influencer, a Boohoo representative wrote how "unfortunate" it is that they couldn't work together to spread the body positive message to their "13 million strong following." 

Zazon was quite unsatisfied with their response. She expressed, "I will go in my grave before I let a fast fashion company take away something that is so personal to me." The influencer clarifies that she isn't against the message being spread. She's against an ill-intentioned fast-fashion giant profiting from it. 

This wouldn't be the first time a fast-fashion giant has stolen from a smaller creator, and it won't be the last. But as each instance is exposed, we create a higher standard for accountability and help to eradicate the rampant copy-cat culture in the fast-fashion industry. 


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