Body Positivity And Why It’s Relevant In 2020

The general interest in positive self image and self care has jumped by a huge 33%.


Body positivity is based on the premise that everyone needs to have an optimistic image of their physical appearance. It should be devoid of how society and popular culture may influence what that image should look like. Over the years, body positivity has been a significant topic of discussion, but this year alone, the general interest in positive self image and self care has jumped by a huge 33%. This goes to show that it is still a major concern and still relevant for our times. But why is body positivity an important practice? Here are some reasons to consider. 

  1. Reduces depression

Each year, about twelve million women worldwide experience clinical depression. According to medical studies, females are more susceptible to this condition, with the dissatisfaction of their bodies playing a vital role. Until both men and women begin to realize the objective of accepting their physical appearance, the trend will continue. For example, the craze about the perfect smile is propelled by the need to have an impeccable set of teeth. Although first impressions last a lifetime, it is helpful to know when to draw the line when it comes to dental treatments and corrections when trying to improve your image. For example, instead of spending excessively on lingual braces, you can choose to wear clear braces to straighten your teeth, as this serves exactly the same purpose. 

  1. Challenges society’s views

With advancements in society, many people are beginning to challenge the status quo and ‘fighting’ back to reclaim their self-worth. In 2020, many challenges surfaced on social media, focusing on accepting all body types without shame. Many people got on board with their own few minutes’ skits on real-life scenarios. Such acts ranged from feeling comfortable in a bikini as a plus-size person to being proud of your skin colour. By openly addressing these issues, it began to propound a paradigm shift among the youth.

  1. Addresses unrealistic body standards

You may already know how problematic it is when images young people are exposed to are edited to present a perfect beauty standard. Usually called the ‘touchscreen’ generation, these youth become overwhelmed with digitally altered images in their pliable years. Perhaps, aiding this act is the availability of smart devices with virtual tools to enhance raw images. It explains the need to build self-confidence among people as technology churns out more smart gadgets to enhance consumers’ bodies.

  1. Lightens up social media content on body image

If you have ever taken a curious look at social media content, you will realise a pattern. The virtual space is crowded with competing messages on health, appearance, and slowing down the aging process. Even though these platforms hope to influence healthy routines, the ads may not conveniently portray that. Perfect models usually defeat the purpose and instead inadvertently project the ridiculing of those who may not look like the ad.

Your perception of body positivity depends on your own personal acceptance of your physical appearance. However, it should not end there. Your perception must translate into how you view others without thinking they look better or worse off. In effect, recognising that the world is home to diverse backgrounds and looks is the first step to achieving body positivity. Therefore, stay true to yourself and hold on tight to your own uniqueness as we were never made to simply blend in the background.