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‘Blue Story’ Returns To Cinemas After Ban Is Lifted

Black Twitter did its thing.


British rapper-turned-director Rapman’s movie ‘Blue Story’, based on London gangs, was pulled from 91 UK cinemas after its first day of screening. A mass brawl of allegedly 100 machete-wieldingyouths broke out at a screening in Birmingham, resulting in the decision to ban the film. The cinema chain VUE argued that the film had sparked another 25 similar incidents worldwide, with no proof and no backing to support these claims. Embarrassing, much?

Black twitter was quick to point out that the film had automatically been tied to the altercation, with the possibility that the brawl was a separate occurrence completely ignored. Many felt that the ban resulted in the film being confined to a category of viciousness and barbarity, instead of being praised for its celebration of the talents of the Black community and portrayal of issues that the urban youth face.

Yet again, the Internet worked its magic and poof, VUE lifted the ban. But plot twist, they only reinstated the film to three of its 91 cinemas, a move fans of the film claimed was an attack on Rapman’s creativity and Black culture. VUE, this definitely ain’t it, chief.

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