Everyone’s Bleaching Their Brows

The “anti-beauty” beauty trend.


From Kim Kardashian to Lizzo, the latest Hollywood beauty trend is all about bleach blonde brows. The hashtag #bleachedeyebrows is up to 15.6 million on TikTok with Pinterest reporting a 160% year-on-year increase in searches for the trend. So why are we obsessed with this look and what happened to the dark bushy brows?

It seems that the easing of lockdown has triggered a desire to get rid of brows altogether. During this time, it’s difficult to express yourself through makeup without being able to reveal the lower half of your face.  Bleached brows are a way to communicate ones individuality and self-expression without disobeying the restrictions. 

Celebrities and fashion designers have been dabbling with the trend for the past few years, think Kendall Jenner on the Marc Jacobs runway in 2014 or Katy Perry at The Met Gala in 2016. The look is now hitting the mainstream thanks to a-list celebrities: Maisie Williams made her 2021 award show debut with bleached brows to match her new platinum blonde hair earlier this year. The Game of Thrones star who usually has natural dark brows revealed her edgy look at the brit awards in May.  

Lizzo has also hopped on the beauty trend debuting her editorial look on both her TikTok and Instagram accounts created by her long-time makeup artist, Alexx Mayo.


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As with most beauty trends, Kim K also embraced the ethereal, bleached brow look in her promotional shoot for the latest Skims collection. The Keeping Up with The Kardashians star posted a series of behind-the-scenes pictures to Instagram, showcasing her old-school glamour look and bouncy blonde wig. 

If you’re going to give this trend a go, make sure to carefully follow a step-by-step tutorial or better yet go to a professional – nobody wants to burn their brows off! 


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