Birkin Bangs : The Vintage Hair Trend Of The Moment

That’s one Birkin you can afford.


When it comes to hairstyles, a fringe, or bangs as it’s called will always be in. The timeless style is making a return this season. Call it nostalgia or else, everybody is already on it.

The Inspiration Behind The Trend


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One cannot discuss a fringe without mentioning this fashion icon: Jane Birkin. Birkin made bangs the epitome of French-girl-coolness in the 70s.  She wore her fringe long and seamlessly tousled. By doing so, the singer-actress became a “pioneer” of the effortless vibe that French women are revered for.

The Fringe In 2022


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This summer, the fringe is ultra-long and casual.  Many celebrities have welcomed the trend. Actresses Dakota Johnson and Zoey Deschanel are early adopters of the fringe. Lately, fashionistas Zendaya, and Belgian pop sensation Angele have followed suit. Jury member Rebecca Hall strutted the Cannes Film Festival red carpet with a short haircut and side bangs.

How To Get Birkin Bangs?


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This 70s fringe is recognizable by its length that grazes the eyebrows without harsh demarcation and its almost messy look.  Emphasis on the “almost”. The objective is to appear as undone as possible but not disheveled. As if you woke up like this. 

However, you didn’t because these bangs will make you work for it! You'll have to keep blowing out the strands of hair to get the bangs just right. Also, to ensure your fringe doesn’t become greasy or glued to a sweaty forehead, it will need a little refreshment. Use dry shampoo and a small comb to liven it up. And there you have it!

Time to hit the town with your luscious locks  and Jane Birkin's carefree attitude.

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