Billie Eilish Takes On The Shamers With Short Film ‘Not My Responsibility’

Focusing On Her Fashion Choices.


Billie Eilish has taken to her YouTube channel to share a short film titled ‘Not My Responsibility.’ Fans who attended a Miami show of the Where Do We Go? Tour were the first to preview the 3-minute video as Billie played it during the show interlude.

The film's topic is obvious from the outset and explores Billie's fashion choices, choices that she has found herself having to explain over and over again. Despite her amazing talent, the singer is just 18 and made the decision to wear baggy clothing in order to conceal her body, to avoid objectification, sexualization, and comparison. However, this has not stopped the critics from shaming Billie for her androgynous style. She addressed the decision in a Calvin Klein ad last year whereby she said “Nobody can say any of that because they don’t know” in this, she was referring to comments on body type and the sexualization that then comes from that. 

Billie Eilish has postponed the remainder of her tour so it’s unclear whether the short film was going to be played at each show, either way, though the video is available to watch online now and let us tell you... It’s worth the watch.

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