Billie Eilish Has Had Enough In New Video “Xanny”

How many cigarette butts does a girl need to take to the face?


Billie Eilish dropped a new video last week for “ Xanny ,” her new single off of her Grammy-nominated album “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” This is her first music video since “ All the Good Girls Go to Hell ” released in early September. And even more exciting, this is the first music video Eilish directed herself.

Musically stripped back, the video is also simple with a white background, white bench, and fully white garb. Eilish feels strangely normal with a plain brunette hairstyle instead of the neon green roots she’s been sporting recently. But as we’ve seen before, simplicity doesn’t mean something strange is hiding around the corner (i.e. “ When the Party’s Over ”). As the first beat drops Eilish takes cigarette butts to her face, bearing it with a grimace as delicate singing continues in the background.

You can’t understand the motive behind the cigarette butts (or hate the ones who brutalize Eilish so) because they never fully appear in the frame. But she has spoken before about how the song was inspired by friends who have taken one too many drinks and drugs to have fun. At a party, they “ kept throwing up, kept drinking more .” Tired of being used as an ashtray and the madness, Eilish ends up walking away by the end of the video.

“Xanny” is full of Eilish’s characteristic fragility and strength that comes hand in hand. The video is more complicated than it lets on at first, with layers and layers to unpack. Go watch it and discover for yourself.

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