Biden Announces First Women To Lead Treasury And Intelligence

And first Latino to run Homeland Security.


After several weeks of turbulence, Joe Biden has been formally declared the winner of 2020 presidential election. 

Biden defeated the incumbent president with more votes than any other presidential candidate has ever received in US history and officially marked an end to what has become infamously known as the Trump Era
Despite criticism of the president-elect not being radical and forward-thinking enough, due to Washington always having known him as a moderate, Biden's cabinet picks have made a strong progressive statement:  
One Tuesday Biden announced Avril Hains as his top pick for the position of national intelligence director, which would make her the first women ever to serve as such if she is confirmed. Furthermore, he announced his plans to make Janet L. Yellen, former chair of the federal reserve, the first female treasure secretary.

Other historic picks included Alejandro Mayorkas, as the first Latino to lead the department of homeland security and John Kerry as his climate envoy. Climate envoy would be a role that does not have to be confirmed by the Senate, which would ensure that for the first time ever there would be a principal on the national security council having a full-time job fighting climate change.

In his first few political actions, Biden is already building a stark contrast to the Trump administrations previous approach to diversity, which was… well nonexistent, or meagre at best, and clearly positions himself against the previous handling of the climate crisis, which even during the Obama era was not as determined and ambitious as the proposals made by Biden. 

“America is back,” was Biden’s proud declaration following these announcements - A statement that still remains to be proven, yet ignites hope for a better future.


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