Beyonce Is Being Sued For Sampling Rapper Messy Mya Quote In "Formation"

Go Out There And Make It Right, Queen Bey!


"What happened after New Orleans?" it says at the beginning of the music video for 'Formation'. Until now the quote has been known for it's appearance in the video but originally it's from deceased Now Orleans rapper Messy Mya's Youtube video "Bookin The Hoes From New Wildin" back in 2010. Bey is being accused for copying the phrase without asking the estate of Mya for permission.

Messy Mya aka Anthony Barren was a rapper and active voice in the gay community in New Orleans and was tragically shot dead on the street November 14th 2010 after attending a friend's baby shower. The estate of Mya is seeking "more than $20.000.000 to compensate for royalties and other damages" from Bey who has been criticised for ignoring their attempt to communicate with her over the issue.

Mya's voice appears more than one time saying "Bitch I'm back" "By popular demand!" from his Youtube video "A 27 Piece Huh?" later in the music video. The rapper doesn't appear anywhere in the credits as writer or performer and his family claims that Bey used the quotes without permission and afterwards made millions from her track.

We hope the courtesy of Queen Bey reaches out and solves the problem before emotions run too high.