6 Benefits of Motorola R7 for Successfully Managing Sport Events

Clear, simple, and reliable communication.


Anyone who has ever played a role in managing a sporting event will know that the logistics of organising the whole thing can be hugely complex. Ensuring clear, simple, and reliable communication between all key contributors and participants is also a tough ask, demanding something more purpose-made than conventional mobile phones.

From the smallest village sports day to the largest international football matches, walkie-talkies are an absolute must. Devices like the Motorola R7 two-way radio are easily used, practically bulletproof, and bring many benefits over conventional mobile phones.

The simple fact is that rooted phones (even the most advanced smartphones) aren’t designed to cope with environments and applications like these. They may be fine for everyday business purposes and pre-planning, but their limitations become evident as the event gets underway.

Irrespective of the size and nature of the sports event you are planning, here are just a few of the reasons why switching to high-end walkie-talkies makes perfect sense:

Walkie-talkies Are Easy to Set Up and Use 

First, setting up a site-wide communication system using walkie-talkies is a walk in the park. All you need to do is hand them out to everyone that needs to stay in touch with one another, and they’re good to go. 

By contrast, using mobile phones to keep in touch during the same event would be a more complex scenario. Everybody would have to exchange numbers, they would only be able to speak to one other person at a time, and they may have difficulties connecting with their counterparts when things get busy. 

Communication via Walkie Talkies is Instantaneous

Amid a busy sporting event, dialing a number and waiting for someone on the other end to pick it up can waste valuable time. This counts double if the person you’re calling fails to pick up in time or you need to speak to multiple people simultaneously. 

One of the biggest benefits of walkie-talkies is that they offer instantaneous communication. No scrolling endlessly through contacts lists, waiting for the person on the other end to pick up, and no need to call or message multiple people separately to get the same message out. 

Walkie Talkies Are Significantly More Durable

High-end walkie-talkies like Motorola’s R7 are designed specifically for use in heavy-duty environments. They’re not indestructible but can easily withstand the punishment that would shatter a conventional mobile phone into a thousand pieces. 

Accidents can and do happen in hectic, high-pressure environments like sporting events. A broken mobile phone at the worst possible time could be a nightmare scenario, but it can be removed from the equation entirely by switching to walkie-talkies. 

Walkie-Talkies Have Better Battery Life 

While this may not apply to all mobile phones across the board, most smartphones have disappointing battery life. The more intensively and continuously used, the quicker they run out of juice. And as everyone knows, a smartphone with a dead battery is as much used as having no smartphone. 

As walkie-talkies are much simpler, they have a vastly superior average battery life—the more intensive and continuous your communication requirements, the bigger the benefits of adopting walkie-talkies. 

No Reliance on Mobile Signals 

Two issues here – the first is congestion, making it practically impossible to connect with others using a mobile phone. The more people use their mobile phones in a specific area, the higher the likelihood of connectivity issues. 

Secondly, sporting events held in remote locations may inherently bring the challenge of a weak (if not absent) mobile signal. None of this is an issue with walkie-talkies, which operate independently of commercially available mobile phone carrier signals. 

Walkie-Talkies Are Cost-Effective

Last up; walkie-talkies have the potential to be exponentially more cost-effective than mainstream mobile phones. If you plan on kitting out your workers with mobile phones (or reimbursing their costs), you could easily be looking at a few hundred pounds per person. By contrast, you could pick up half a dozen high-end walkie-talkies (complete with accessories) for the same price as one smartphone.

Best of all, walkie-talkies have the kind of longevity that vastly outperforms most comparable mobile phones. Set yourself (and your team) up with a decent set of walkie-talkies today, and you can count on them to support the communication logistics of your events for many years to come.