Bebe Rexha Was Refused A Grammy’s Dress By Several Brands

Who said she was ‘too big’.


The Singer and award nominee has been told she is ‘too big’ to have a dress made for her at the Grammy’s. 

The Annual Grammy awards will take place next month in LA, it is customary for the stars in attendance to be dressed by high-end designer labels however the Singer and songwriter Bebe Rexha has taken to social media to call out some brands for saying they will not dress her because of her curves. 

Bebe is a US size 8 and after her team reached out to designers about dressing her for the awards show she was shockingly turned down. The claims that her size is an issue for clothing were totally unexpected as she always looks amazing at events and is frequently one of the best dressed at the red carpet events that she attends.  


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When you consider that the majority of women in the US are a size 14 or above these brands refusal to dress a beautiful woman with a size 8 body really puts into perspective just how slim the fashion industry demands women to be if they are to be considered beautiful.  And it’s definitely not because they fear their garments won’t get on camera  -  because Bebe is nominated for 2 AWARDS!

Luckily Bebe didn’t just take the rejection, she spoke out on her Instagram and urged the fashion industry to empower women instead of making them ‘feel less by their size’.  Lots of other ‘plus-size’ celebrities have spoken out about experiencing similar issues: Beyonce, Khloe Kardashian, and Melissa McCarthy to name a few.  But these women won’t be held down, and Bebe has confirmed her ‘size 8 ass will still be going to the Grammys’. 


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