BAYLI and ILoveMakonnen Collaborate on New Single ‘SICK!’

We got to speak to BAYLI about the hot new track.


New York-based BAYLI and Atlanta-bred ILoveMakonnen released their single ‘SICK!’ back in June, shining a light on both Black Music Month and Pride Month. Now we have the music video to accompany the fast-paced summer anthem.

‘SICK!’ is BAYLI’s first release since her recent signing with Snafu Records and is a precursor to her forthcoming debut EP, 'stories from new york'. She first made waves in the music industry in 2016 as part of the band The Skins. After embarking on a massive tour with DNCE, BAYLI decided to go solo. Not only has she captivated the attention of the music industry, but she’s also landed opportunities in film and TV. Working with brands such as HBO, Nickelodeon, AT&T, Barbie, and more.

Both BAYLI and ILoveMakonnen are proudly Black and Queer, highlighting the significance of the single’s release during June. BAYLI recently debuted a collaboration with Tiffany & Co. for their Pride 2021 campaign. ILoveMakonnen has also forged a space for hip-hop/rap artists to live their truth amidst industry pushbacks.

BAYLI described the single as “being hyper fresh and fly, inspired by NY Fashion Week at its finest with a mix of street style.” The catchy beat makes for a great tune that you’ll find yourself humming all day.

Speaking about the collaboration, ILoveMakonnen added, “BAYLI sent me ‘SICK!’ and I was like, yeah, I can do it! Bet! Did it and now we are here!”

As soon as we heard the single, we were waiting for the accompanying music video and we’re happy to announce that it has been released!

The video, which features BAYLI herself, is predominately illuminated by neon lights and the visuals complement the track perfectly.

We were lucky enough to speak to BAYLI about herself and her work, here’s what she had to say. 

What does Pride month mean to you?

As a member of the gay community, Pride is really just a reminder of how resilient, impactful, diverse, and generally remarkable we are as a community.

What is the significance of Black Music month to you personally?

Every month IS Black Music Month in my book *tea*

Who are some of your favorite LGBTQ+ and/or Black artists?

Shygirl, Junglepussy, Bree Runway, Kaash Paige, Serena Isioma, ILoveMakonnen, Dee Gatti, Jimi Lucid, Billy Racks, and some of the members of Brockhampton. All of these artists are so inspirational and innovative in so many different ways; I’m still probably my own favorite of the bunch though… naturally.


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