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Barbie’s Brand New Streetwear Collection Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Barbie’s Brand New Streetwear Collection Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Mattel, release streetwear collection for Barbie’s birthday.


The special collection pays homage to the birth year of Barbie with a title BMR1959. Included in the collection are 6 multiracial male and female dolls that we’re already obsessed with. Each doll comes dressed in a stunning streetwear look chosen by Senior designer, Carlyle Nuera. The looks have all been inspired by current streetwear brands.

Barbie was made to “teach (girls) that they had choices, that they could be anything” says director of global brand marketing for Barbie, Nathan Baynard. With a collection like BMR1959 we couldn’t agree more! Barbie may have begun as the stunning skinny blonde but as we can see from this collection alone, has since expanded with multiple body sizes, races and styles.


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Looking to get your hands on one of these dolls? You won’t be disappointed. Expect bright colours, bold patterns, big accessories but even bigger hair styles! BMR1959 dolls all come carefully packaged in a personalised box that features a sketch of that doll.

So as our favourite doll celebrates 60 years of business, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane and head over to Barbie to shop the collectables.


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