Axel Arigato Drops the Area Lo Stitch Sneaker

Craftsmanship meets contemporary cool.


Axel Arigato has once again dazzled sneaker enthusiasts with the unveiling of the Area Lo Stitch, a captivating blend of modernism and artisanal finesse. This latest addition to the Area sneaker family introduces whipstitching details that seamlessly traverse the sneaker's profile and laces, extending Axel Arigato's signature design aesthetic beyond footwear and into their broader ready-to-wear collections.

Crafted from Leather Working Group-certified leather, the Area Lo Stitch embraces a wider foot silhouette, a feature already beloved by Axel Arigato enthusiasts. Available in a captivating beige/beige and white/blue two-tone palette, with an exclusive white/black variant for men, this sneaker exudes a unisex appeal.



The standout feature of the Area Lo Stitch lies in its color-matched heel spoilers, elegantly complementing the meticulous stitch detailing. Axel Arigato's distinctive branding is seamlessly woven throughout, from the iconic logo on the tongue to the embossed gold stamping on the side and the three-dimensional relief on the sole unit.

Beyond its physical allure, Axel Arigato invites fans to delve into the intricate world of craftsmanship. To celebrate the launch, the entire factory design process behind the Area Lo Stitch will be meticulously documented over the coming weeks, providing a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the artistry behind every pair. Enthusiasts can follow this journey not only online but also across Axel Arigato's vibrant social channels.

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