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AriZona Iced Tea x Adidas Originals Are Back Again For A New Retail Release!

AriZona Iced Tea x Adidas Originals Are Back Again For A New Retail Release!

Mark your calendar for August 17th!


On August 17th, AriZona Iced Tea and Adidas Originals are releasing shoes at retail prices. The brands previous collaboration provided one of the most exciting sneaker stories of the summer when their 99-cent sneakers at a NYC pop-up was shut down. NYPD shut down the pop-up due to restive crowds. However, the collaboration is back again and there is a cool new line of trainers to be released.

Completed up of four co-branded takes on the new Continental Vulc (two women’s pairs in canvas/suede and two men’s pairs in leather) and four adilette slides, each design has the adored tea company’s signature color palette and graphics in a different style. The women’s pairs are a bit more striking, with one presenting a pink/teal upper that has an all-over printed flower pattern. The other presents a colorful Southwestern pattern that’s accentuated by black suede. One of the men’s pairs has a white leather upper with a teal, pink, and yellow embroidered graphic all-over for a simple yet colorful look.

Each pair has an AriZona text logo in place of the standard Adidas branding on the side and imprints another logo on the heel as well, there are also lace options for personal customization. Regarding prices, the shoes are 80-100 times higher than the 99-cent pop-up prices. The women’s shoes retail at 80 USD while the men pairs retail at 100 USD.


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