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Ariana Grande Has Dropped The "Thank U, Next" Video

And it’s a Smash!


Ariana Grande’s Thank U Next music video was finally dropped this week and it’s everything you wanted it to be.  Laden with millennial pop culture icons and references, Ariana Grande looks through a Mean Girls inspired burn book of past exes to whom she says: “Thank U Next”. Taking on the role of Torrence Shipman in 'Bring it on', Elle Woods in 'Legally Blonde', Regina George in 'Mean Girls' and Jenna Rink from '13 going on 30', Ariana Grande humorously reprises these 00’s teen flicks of love lost and angst to show that although heartbreak affects us all, we learn from it and move on. “Learned from the pain, I turned out amazing”.

The video doesn’t disappoint-presenting an exciting array of characters and cameos from Kris Jenner playing the mom from Mean Girls, to Elizabeth Gillies, Gabi de Martino, THE Aaron Samuels (played by Jonathan Bennett), Jennifer Coolidge reprising her infamous ‘Bend and Snap’ role as Paulette Bonafonte, Stefanie Drummond, the girl who said it wasn’t her fault if she had a “heavy flow and a wide-set vagina”, Colleen Ballinger and Troye Sivan. Also her so-called 'copycat', Youtuber Gabi Dermantino, makes a cameo as — you guessed it — Ariana's copycat.

Above all else, Ariana Grande reminds us to appreciate the number one through it all: “Cause her name is Ari/ And I'm so good with that”. 

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