Are We Ready To Travel Again?

Covid Travel Tips 101


No, you’re not the only one. We are desperate to get away too. Imagine sandy beaches, exotic scenes and bottomless cocktails in the sun. Unfortunately it’s not that simple now. No looking on Skyscanner for a quick city break, yes some prices are cheap – but remember why.  

Whilst air travel isn’t strictly against the law, it’s best to avoid it unless absolutely necessary. This sucks, we know, but we will all just have to go back to the travel documentary side of Netflix to get out kicks – hey Planet Earth.  

If you’re getting cabin fever, why not try some good old camping? Sometimes it turns out we don’t realize how fab our local area is due to the old ‘grass is greener’ mindset. Grab some snacks, grab some mates and do a retro road trip. Explore what your local area has to offer. It might be underwhelming, but there’s more of a chance you’ll have a great time – at least it isn’t the same four walls we have been staring at since March.  

Airbnb and ‘staycations’ are also good alternatives at the moment. It seems renting out a home is safer than sharing a hotel and facilities with others. This new normal is something we will have to get used to until a vaccine pops up, but let’s see it as a way to explore alternative holidays.  

Just remember, one day we will be able to travel again – it will be worth the wait! 


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