Here Is Why Yoga Practice Improves Your Sex Life

Spiritual and physical can go together!


“Sex is part of nature. I go along with nature.” (Marilyn Monroe)

Yoga is considered a spiritual activity that helps inner personal growth. But, as it turned out, regular yoga classes in some ways resemble sex and can diversify intimate life. Did you know that?


First, yoga develops flexibility and coordination, these two things are indispensable helpers in bed. Many asanas are designed in such a way they can entertain you well, not only in meditation.

Almost everyone in bed likes grace and beauty of the body, and what can make the body more beautiful than flexibility and the ability to demonstrate it? The flexibility of your body will also tell your partner that you are flexible in life and open to innovations and new suggestions.

If you look at the more spiritual side of sex, practicing yoga will help you to achieve real spiritual unity and fusion with your partner. After all, sex is also an emotion, and yoga will help align emotions and let them be more expressive and free. A lot of people, especially men have difficulties showing what they really feel. With yoga, your emotions will become more accessible to you and you will no longer feel fear or uncertainty in sexual experiments.

It is believed that yoga strengthens muscle tone. It also improves the hormones balance in both women and men. If you are single now, then sex with the practice of yoga will help attract relationships, and if you have a partner, you will feel a closer and better connection. You will learn new aspects of yourself.

If you want to get from sex not only physical satisfaction, but also an ocean of emotions, and a sense of aesthetics, practice yoga. After all, an orgasm is a little death (“La Petite Mort), so find a rebirth in it!


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