Are LED Face Masks Worth The Hype?

TikTok certainly approves.


Whilst it might feel like our beauty regimes just keep getting longer, experts agree that using an LED face mask, also known as LED light therapy, is a vital skincare step you should consider adding to your routine.

And while we’ve all seen them popping up within our TikTok and Instagram feeds, these eccentric devices might appear a bit intimidating to some. However, the consensus is that LED face masks do work when it comes to treating several skincare issues.

Dr. Shadan Naji, a dermatologist at Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic, says, “LED masks offer multiple favorable effects on the skin, including helping to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate collagen production, as well as controlling acne breakouts and reducing sun damage.”

Many skincare influencers agree that LED face masks are beneficial. The majority of the LED face masks currently available on the market claim to restore radiance to the skin as well as offer anti-aging benefits. In addition, wound healing and skin conditions such as rosacea or dermatitis can also be improved by using an LED face mask daily.



The technology is just becoming more readily accessible to the everyday person with the introduction of at-home LED masks by the biggest brands in beauty tech. It’s become an intriguing tool, and rightly so, as these luminescent masks create a glowing complexion by being effective against common skin concerns such as sun damage, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and sensitive and inflammatory conditions.

Most experts agree that they are safe but stress the importance of purchasing one that is FDA-cleared. Blackout or opaque goggles are also highly recommended, as prolonged exposure to blue or red light can damage the eyes if they are not protected. 

The main difference between a professional treatment and an at-home device is that the latter is much weaker since they are used without professional supervision. However, there are several at-home masks on the market, most of which offer an array of different light settings so you can customize your treatment depending on your skincare requirements.

If you want to upgrade your skincare routine, pack on the power of the LED light by incorporating this gadget into your regimen.

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