Apparently Dogs Have a Favourite Genre of Music?

Thats right! Your furry friend has a favourite song!


Many studies have been done to figure out what our furry friends like to listen to. The SPCA, University of Glasgow and the BBC are just a couple of the big names to of looked into the topic. Interestingly, most of the studies came back with similar results.

These studies were held by playing different genres of music to see how the dogs reacted to each as well as how the effected the dogs mood and heart rate. A common theme within these studies is that the dogs reacted negatively to metal music as loud genres. The dogs started baring and seemed more agitated, whereas with softer genres such as jazz and classical the songs stopped barking and law down, showing a calmer reaction to the genres.

So what was the canines conclusion? Surprisingly it was found that the dogs had the most positive reaction to soft rock. Their tails wagged and ears perked up at the chords of some soft ballads, however despite this general consensus, much like us, our fuzzy friends each have their own favourite genre.

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