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Anwar Hadid Champions His Own Unisex Jewelry Collection

Anwar Hadid Champions His Own Unisex Jewelry Collection

A new concept “redefining unisex jewelry” with brand Martyre.


Anwar Hadid is no stranger to jewelry, he loves it. He has now teamed up with friends rapper, Yoni Laham and actor, Ryan Benson to create a collection with unisex jewelry brand, Martyre, which brands itself as the label “redefining unisex jewelry”.

The collection is crafted to perfection and romantic in design. The launch includes tiny hoop earrings with drop baby angels dangling from them and bracelets featuring cute faces of baby cherubs. Huge attention to detail has been applied with this collection – the clasp of one bracelet is that of two interlocking hands. The collection has also reached as far as necklaces, for example, the ‘Caleb’ which is a sleek and simplistic double stand, as well as the ‘Sinner’ which is adorned with a religious pendant engraved with “Every sinner dies a saint”.

In the imagery of the Martyre campaign, Hadid is a modeling natural alongside Georgia Fowler and Abdulaye Niang. He has a full neck of layered up chains and wrists laden with bracelets. Naturally, the look is complete with a collection of glistening hoops through his ears and a few ring stacks. Hadid and Laham, met through mutual friends years ago and took time to create and curate the perfect jewelry designs for over two years before launching the collection last month. Laham said of the collection:

“Everyone around us was taking their creative ideas and bringing them to fruition. We knew that we wanted to do the same thing. We looked around at what we wore and what was being done and saw that there was a void in jewelry in accessories.”

Hadid recalls two pieces of jewelry that have created his passion for it, one a necklace that had angels, two swords and manuscripts owned his sister, super-model Bella Hadid, and the other a vintage treasure he discovered a few years ago. He said of this: “I am so drawn to vintage pieces. I went to this old vintage warehouse store and found this necklace with three stones connected by one piece of melted silver”. This vintage love can be seen in the design of the pieces, as well as religious motifs.


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Martyre is an Instagram dream and has every chance at social media success, however, Hadid and Laham hope that their delicate pieces will become keepsakes with personal meaning and sentimentality: “I feel like right now it is the moment for people to be themselves and not be constricted by being so masculine” says Hadid. The individuality that these pieces allow is a huge step for jewelry brands, and hopefully, one that will be emulated by others.

Prices range from $95 up to $575, with 14-karat gold and rose gold versions available, however, the price is on request.


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