AMBUSH’s Yoon Zooms With Dazed Beauty

Grab a glass – it’s time to pop open the bubbly!


Last month, AMBUSH’s creative director, Yoon Ahn, announced her partnership with Moët & Chandon, designing a limited edition champagne bottle for the house. Now, she tells all to Dominic Cadogan from Dazed Beauty about the exciting collaboration, as well as some of her favorite fashion moments and inspirations, over a Zoom call.

Yoon beams into the call with a fake fictional sky background – something that we’ve most likely all been dreaming about! She talks about her encounter with Moët, the history of the house and the process of making the art of champagne. Visiting the winery in Épernay, France, blew her away, viewing hours of vineyard and endless, beautiful scenery. 

Having never worked with a wine and spirit brand before, you’d expect Yoon to feel out of her comfort zone, yet she quickly became immersed in the artistic process. She’s previously shared with Dazed, “At AMBUSH, we are not afraid to look outside our comfort zone. We have always embraced new visions. But we only accept collaborations where we can learn something new. What made this collaboration so meaningful was that it was based on mutual respect and the desire to tell a compelling story. That is what makes any collaboration genuine.”


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Given free rein to put her own spin on the house’s signature champagne bottle of Moët Impérial, Yoon stripped a lot of colors to black and white. The monochromatic minimalism is representative of the chic, sophisticated heritage brand. This is the bottle’s first redesign since its release in 1869, so achieving the clean modernity of stark contrasts makes for a very contemporary design.

Aside from the collab, Yoon reflects on her younger, half naïve, half ambitious self, and love for hardcore techno. Walking down the catwalk at the Dior Homme Spring Summer 19 show was a career milestone, with Kim Jones grabbing her hand whilst she ran alongside him in five-inch stiletto Manolo heels. She was grateful to experience her first proper fashion job during a new chapter for Dior men.

Since launching globally on 15 February, Moët & Chandon have donated a portion of profits from the sale of the AMBUSH limited edition bottles to preserve the Canandé Reserve in the Ecuadorian Chocó, one of the world’s most threatened tropical forests and a place as biodiverse as the Amazon rainforest, but under significantly more threat. Only 2% of this forest remains today, still inhabited by 10% of animal species not found anywhere else on the planet. 

Available exclusively at Selfridges, London, a percentage of the bottle’s proceeds is also being donated to the World Land Trust. We love to see commitments to sustainability and climate action continuing.

Tune in to Selfridges’ Instagram this Friday, March 5, where Yoon is set to go live for a further Q&A session with writer and editor, Emma Hope Allwood. 


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