Adrian's Kickback Backfired, Here's How

How many people showed up to YOUR 17th birthday party?


You could’ve been on your living room couch, your thumb sore from endless TikTok scrolling when the mysterious algorithm showed you Adrian Lopez’s Kickback Invite on TikTok. Perhaps you reached the video before it went viral, but maybe you came across it after Noah Beck, FaZe Clan or 24KGoldn posted about it. Either way, you would’ve been one of the more than 280 million people who came across Adrian Lopez’s 17th birthday party invitation.

May 22nd, 7:30 pm, Huntington Beach fire pits.

As things on the internet often do, the Kickback was quick to get out of hand. People were driving across the country to attend - blame it on the vaccine rollout, the despair, or just teenage hormonal overload.

Fair to say, it was at this point that Adrian Lopez and his friend Yahir Hernández, who had also spread the word of the party on Snapchat, began getting nervous. Hats off to them, they met up with some older friends they had met in the events business and paired up with sneaker brand Cookies N’ Kicks to rent a venue in LA and sell $40 tickets to attend the event at a venue to be disclosed at 9:30 the day of the party.

Despite Lopez’s efforts, thousands of teens, who had not gotten word about the party being moved to LA, made their way onto Huntington Beach. What started as mosh pits and blasting music quickly became violent when police attempted to disperse the crowd. Non-lethal rounds were shot into the crowd, and an emergency curfew was imposed resulting in 150 arrests.



Live footage from Adrians Kickback #adrianskickback

♬ original sound - the cheeky boyos


It didn’t end much better for Lopez’s party in LA either - it got shut down before it even started and installed a dread in Lopez who was now faced with having to dispel the notion of his party being a major scam. Think Tanacon vibes or Fyre Festival. Either way, having been thrown into the viral, we have a strong feeling this won’t be the last we’re going to hear about Adrian Lopez.


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