Adidas Joins The Ever Growing List Of Brands With Racism Behind Closed Doors

New accusations come to light as protests outside their HQ grow bigger.


200-plus Adidas employees are approaching a full week of protests outside their HQ after reports of internal racism have come to light. Weeks after the murder of George Floyd, the continuing outcry and protests have been seen in countries across the globe, joining with the Black community in the fight for justice and equality.

Adidas Originals Assistant Apparel Director Julia Bond reportedly sent a note last week to Adidas’ North American leadership criticizing the brand's response to the BLM movement and describing a ‘racist work environment’ behind the scenes.


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This message isn’t standing alone with growing groups of employees backing her claims and protesting at the Portland HQ since last Friday, including the Adidas US Sports Footwear Designer Aric Armon.

New reports of what actually has been going down have come to light, Bond has described 2 separate incidents, both taking place after 2019’s NYT report on the racial disparities at Adidas.

One such experience details an interaction with Adidas Senior Vice President of Global Design Nic Galway, where he reportedly used an image of a white skateboarder wearing a confederate flag. As well, more shocking and horrific claims include white employees being known to describe Black co-workers who were late to meetings as “moving at a coon’s pace”.


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Armon also discusses the lack of minorities at the company, saying this allows certain people to think they’re able to make racist comments or feel they are entitled to say the ‘n’ word amongst other comments.

Adidas has decided to also meet one (so far) of the protestors' demands and yesterday they increased their donation to Black communities from $20 million USD to $120 million - however they have failed to adhere to a less expensive request of an apology to employees, interesting.

As Bond very rightfully says, money is a very empty thing, “...these are all symptomatic promises, but they are not addressing the systemic changes that need to happen within the brand," she also adds that they will continue to protest, with Adidas declining to comment further.

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