We spoke to Abby Sage about her new single ‘Residing In The Sky’

The new single highlights the importance of self-love


LA-via-Toronto singer/songwriter Abby Sage has dropped her latest single ‘Residing in The Sky’.

This unique and honest song is the newest single to come from Sage’s upcoming EP “Fears of Yours & Mine”. Which is out on November 12th, so only a little while to wait if you like what you heard, and here at FIZZY we sure did.

The starting line “I’m making love to my future,” shows the importance of self-love and Sage’s journey with it. Acoustic guitar, reverb, and orchestral synths combined with Sage’s personal lyrics make for a song worth listening to.

‘I called it “Residing in the Sky”’, Sage said, ‘because I felt light and boundless, more than the earth could cover.’

Music has seemingly always been a part of Sage’s life as she grew up watching her dad perform around Toronto. By the start of high school she began to post her music to Soundcloud in secret, until she accidentally released a track publicly, which sparked floods of messages. Sage explained that these messages “sparked the confidence to keep going.”

If you want to find out more about Sage and the new single, keep reading.

‘Residing In The Sky’ is all about self-love and personal growth, what advice would you give to those who are just starting their self-love journey?

Recently I feel like I haven’t taken enough time for myself. I spoke to a friend who wakes up early everyday to go for a walk by himself. I feel like that’s where it starts. Ensuring that you reserve time to reflect and check in with yourself on a daily basis. It’s easy to fill that space with friends, partners, work etc. but time alone is essential for growth.


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How has the pandemic affected you creatively?

I feel as though it was extremely beneficial. I was at home with my parents for a while when the pandemic first began and found myself in a constant creative state. There was nobody I needed to see, very few obligations besides furthering my creative journey.  This connects with the question above, time alone gives you the opportunity to really dive into yourself and your personal journey whatever that may be. 

Who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future?

Nick Hakim, BADBADNOTGOOD, James Blake. All music that has inspired me. Always had a dream to do a song with someone that has a smokey jazz bar feeling. Like a tipsy sing back and forth type song while people are making out in dark corners of the room. That’s how I picture it. 


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Check out ‘Residing In The Sky’ here and the music video here.

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