A New Gender-Neutral Menstrual Cup Has Just Been Released

It’s about time, too.


Ciswomen are far from the only people who experience a period each month, so it makes sense that there is finally a period product which reflects this. Enter the UltuCup, a gender-neutral menstrual cup designed for anybody that happens to find themselves bleeding once a month. 

Menstruation is still too often associated only with cisgender women, yet many trans men and non-binary people also have menstrual cycles. Existing menstruation products and brands often fail to acknowledge the full spectrum of people that get a period, which can make the already-uncomfortable experience of having a period even more traumatic for trans and GNC people. This is why the work that the people at UltuCup are doing is so important. 


We support all people with periods❤️ #pride

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Menstrual cups have witnessed a boom in popularity in recent years, and as a traditional cup, the Ultucup simply sits in the vaginal canal to collect blood. It can be worn for up to 12 hours and is available in 3 size options. Unlike traditional disposable menstrual products such as tampons and pads, the UltuCup lasts for up to a year, making it much more environmentally friendly. And what’s more, it’ll only set you back $40!

Whilst all period products out there are technically suitable for anyone having a period, the experience of buying such female-focussed goods for those who do not identify as female can be an unpleasant experience. So, let’s hope other period brands are taking note. 

Shop your new cup now here for $39.99.


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