“Feminists What Were They Thinking?” — A Lookback On Everything Fought For And Still Left To Fight

Re-empowering a formerly ‘dirty’ word.


How many times have you heard: “Im not a feminist but..”? 

In an age where feminism has become a dirty word, and it is assumed that any feminist is evil, an aggressor and against men, Johanna Demetrakas asks you to re-examine its true meaning in her beautiful movie “Feminists what were they thinking”. 

After all, Feminism is wanting women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Wanting equality. For men to be treated the same exact way as women, and for women to be treated the same exact way as men. 

Through the lens of a book of photographs, from 1977, showing women from all wakes of life and social backgrounds, Johanna Demetrekas takes you on a journey through the female experience, from the beginnings of the 20th Century up to present day. We meet incredible women along the way, who describe growing up in the 1950s, 60s and 70s and the growing Women’s Movement that came with this.

Their exciting, electrifying and sometimes terrifying stories of censorship, restriction and empowerment are truly the greatest of all reminders of everything that has been fought for, what has been gained and what there is still left to fight for. 

Setting scenes of Women’s Movement protests in the 70s alongside recent Trump protests, where women in pink hats carry signs reading: “The pussy grabs back” and “I can’t believe we still have to protest”, Demetrekas asks you to look at our current culture and ask yourself: what is it to be female nowadays?

This movie is an important reminder that Feminism is not the man-bashing, evil, raging thing it is cracked up to be, but rather, the fight for women to be treated as equals.

Supporting and empowering the women around us, FIZZY MAG wants everyone out there to know that “it is beautiful to be woman”.


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