A Look At The Women's Nike Dunk Low "Cacao Wow"

Nike Dunk Low's Fresh Colors and Increased Accessibility


The Nike Dunk Low has become way more accessible lately with more stock and reissues hitting the shelves. And guess what? The iconic silhouette is back at it again this year, experimenting with some fresh color combos. There's this newly leaked pair that's got a cool brown and off-white vibe going on. Just like the popular styles, these kicks rock a smooth leather base with contrasting panels around the front, tongue, and heel. The side swooshes and tongue branding also got a brown makeover, perfect for those autumn vibes. The sole has a slightly yellowed midsole and a chocolatey tread. No official release dates yet, but I'm sure Nike will spill the beans once summer kicks in. For now, feast your eyes on these awesome product images. And if you're into the NIKE, Inc. fam, don't forget to check out the upcoming Air Jordan 3 pairs too!