A Look At A Few Casino Myths

Impact whether you win or lose the next time you place a bet.


Humans have an innate desire to try and understand the things around them, even the things that defy logical explanation or understanding. This is why we try to create logic and reason when faced with random or unexplainable events. If you have ever wondered where superstitions come from, it’s because of that very reason. Superstitions and myths eliminate the stress and confusion that arises from the chaos around us and gives us a framework with which to understand certain elements of the world, as well as giving us some semblance of control.

Therefore, one place that would be full of myths and superstitions would be a casino. Some casino myths are actually based on truth and ground in reality, however most of them are not. It’s important to know which of these myths are partially true, and which are the result of an overactive imagination as they could impact whether you win or lose the next time you place a bet.

The games are rigged

A very popular myth that has been circulating for decades is that the games at casinos are rigged. Many people believe that casino games are designed so that the casino always wins with every bet, and that the players is destined to forever lose. Some even believe that roulette dealers have a way of stopping the wheel when it looks like a player might win. Understandably it may feel that way if you are on a losing streak, however, it is no truer than the previous myth.

Casinos would not be licensed if the games are not random and outside the influence of the casino. Every game that is in a licensed casino is designed for fair play; to give the players an opportunity to win. While it is true that casinos that are not licensed, or fake online casinos might rig the games, if you are playing at a licensed casino, you have nothing to worry about. That’s why we recommend playing for a reputable casino like Casino Secret that have been reviewed by multiple third party sources like Japan 101.

Some slot machines are due for a win

One of the biggest casino myths that has stuck around for the longest time is that some slot machines are due for a win if they have been played for some time now. You are sure to have heard someone say this, or seen someone refuse to leave a machine because it’s about to payout. Some people have even created strategies for slot machines, such as betting with small amounts and gradually increasing the bets, believing that by the time they are betting big, the machine will pay out. This unfortunately is not true, since slot machines use something called RNG (random number generation).

This means that the algorithm the slot machine is using generates random numbers every time the slot is spun. In other words, the slot machine isn’t affected by previous or future spins, and each spin is an isolated event and completely random.

You are given a win every now and then to keep playing

This is the counter myth that gets given when a person argues that casino games aren’t rigged. Many people are under the impression that if a player is close to seeing that the games are rigged, or if they are about to stop playing and walk away, the casino will give the player a win every now and then to keep them playing.

Some are even under the impression the games are monitored and the security guards keep tabs on players to ensure they are given a win at the right moment. This is not true, since as established, casino games are random, and also rely on two things; payback percentage and hit frequency. In other words, the amount of money that is paid back is the result of a percentage of all the total bets from every player, and how often a machine pays out is entirely calculable.

Superstitions and myths have been around since the dawn of civilization and are simply a way for people to make sense of the randomness around them. There is more randomness in a casino than in any other place in the world, so it makes absolute sense why there are so many casino myths in existence. The games are not rigged, no slot machine is due for a payout at any time, and no one is monitoring your play to determine when you should get a win; it’s all just the luck of the draw.