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A Day In The Life Of A "Gentlemen for Hire”

What is a date with a male escort like?


Escort services are far more common than you think, and you can find cute guys everywhere you go who monetize their charm and chiseled good looks by hiring themselves out as personal companions. A male escort makes great money, but they work in a stigmatized world full of secrecy. Who are male escorts? What is a date with a male escort like?

Most male escorts are in killer shape and take fantastic care of their bodies. But a male escort isn't just a gym rat with a pretty face. Behind the body is a boy with so much to offer to the world and the right partner. A day in the life of a gentleman for hire isn't much different than a day in the life of any man until it becomes a brand-new adventure when the job begins.

When Men Become Gentlemen for Hire

Escorts definitely take better care of their bodies than your average male. In order to earn the big bucks that successful escorts pull in, men have to keep a close eye on their diets each day and maintain a regimented fitness routine. Most male escorts spend a couple of hours each day or more maintaining their physical fitness.

Some men take advantage of their job and lifestyle to build their ultimate physique to work as an escort. It’s not uncommon to find heavy laborers like farmers or bricklayers making side money as escorts because their daily work keeps them in peak physical condition.

A gentleman for hire also spends a lot more of his time keeping up with fashion and pop culture trends to stay as attractive and relevant to his potential customers as possible. An escort's customer base is wildly diverse so that a good male escort will read everything from GQ, to Sports Illustrated, to People Magazine.

He'll be caught up on current events, the gossip of the day, the ESPN Top 10, and even local affairs. Every week, a male escort has to be savvy to parties, mixers, galas, games, grand openings, and other goings-on around town that a high-paying date might want to attend.

At the same time, he always has to be prepared to be the perfect partner for a quiet night in. He's ready to be a stand-in until his date moves on with her night. He's prepared to be an attractive body for the guests to gawk at. He's prepared for whatever his date might have in store for him. After all, he's making a few hundred bucks an hour or more.

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When Gentlemen for Hire Are Just Men

A male escort is, in most respect, a guy like any other guy. Some men like sports. Others love the outdoors. Others still like to spend all day in front of their Xbox. In all three of those categories (and many others), you'll find men who perform escort work as a part-time or full-time career.

7 Homemade Sex Toys To Try Right AwayszMale escorts are often mistaken as sex workers or as guys with particular sexual proclivities. That's a grave misconception. Escort services are completely legal and platonic companionship services. As such, the guys that work for them are sensible and business-oriented workers with their own values, morals, and boundaries. A male escort is a guy with his own goals, his own desires, and his own feelings.

For most male escorts, the job is a means to an end. Just like you and me, a male escort spends his days off the job trying to maximize time with friends and family. He has hobbies and enjoys his own leisure activities. While he typically has to work on the weekends when he's most likely to score a premium client, he takes a couple of days to himself each week as any other hardworking and deserving man does.

He’s a grown adult with bills to pay and obligations to meet. He has to be the master of his own house, although he may have to moderate his lifestyle in that house to accommodate the occasional client for work. To be sure, while male escorts are just guys like any other, the unique nature of their job permeates into their everyday lives.

Men Want Their Own Companions, Too

While they perform companionship services for pay, most escorts still want to find love in their own lives and build a relationship and, eventually, a family. Don’t pass on a guy just because he makes his money providing companionship to others.

There are plenty of sophisticated men out there who can separate their personal relationships from the casual relationships they develop on the job. A male escort has a lot to offer, even just beside his stunning good looks and his charming personality. They know how to be loving and intimate companions who can take care of themselves and the ones they love.


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