A Brief Introduction Of Alexander McQueen

In 2004, Alexander McQueen launched his menswear line.


Alexander McQueen is a renowned name for fashion because of its unorthodox and rebellious approach toward fashion. His creation continues to garner attention and love all across the world, from professionals and fans alike. He is an English London-based fashion designer. Back in time, he was also the head of designers of the Louis Vuitton Givenchy fashion line.

In 2004, Alexander McQueen launched his menswear line. Furthermore, four times he got British Fashion Council’s British Designer of the Year. The tragic part is in 2010 he committed suicide after the death of his mother.

Early years:

Lee Alexander McQueen was born in 1969 on March 17. He belongs to a working-class family life that lives in public housing. His father was a cab driver and his mother was a teacher of social science. Both of them with their limited income supported their five children along with McQueen. McQueen was called “Lee” by his friends. Furthermore, at his early age, he got to know by his homosexuality. Not only this, but he was also extremely teased by his mates about it.

Alexander McQueen was dropped out from his school at the age of 16. After that, he got a job on a Savile Row, which offers made-to-order men’s suits. At first, he worked at a tailor shop with shepherd and Anderson. After that, he moved towards the Hawkes and Gieve.

He was the youngest among his six siblings. Therefore, he began to experiment with his fashion techniques on his three sisters by making dresses for them. Moreover, he was known as the pink sheep of the family.

Niche Finding:

McQueen was quite serious about his cloth-making career. So, he decided to shift from Savile Row to theatrical costume designers i.e. Bermans and Angeles. His dramatic clothing design later on become his signature style of independent work. For a short stint in Milan, he left London. There he worked as a design assistant to Romeo Gigle; an Italian fashion designer.

After his return from London, he gets enrolled at Central Saint Martins College of design and art. Furthermore, in 1992 he got his M.A degree in fashion designing. His collection, which he presented as his project of the degree was truly inspired by Jack the ripper.

Head designer of Givenchy:

McQueen started his women’s business designing clothes, after obtaining his degree in the respective domain. After introducing the novel Bumster pants, he met a huge success. The main reason for enormous success was the low-cut waistline. Furthermore, only four years out of his design school, he became the Chief Designer of Louis Vuitton, which is owned by Givenchy. It is a prestigious job and he took this job royally.

Alexander McQueen designed the outfit i.e. geisha-style, which is worn by Bjork. Bjork wore this dress in 1997, on the cover of the album Homogenic. Moreover, he was the first designer who collaborated with Mac Cosmetics. Not only this, but he also shown collaboration with Puma and Samsonite.

Marital life:

Alexander McQueen got married in 2000 to his partner named George Forsyth. Both of them remained close friends until his death.

In a nutshell, Alexander McQueen holds a dominant place in the fashion world.

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